To our Gospel Ministers/Artist this is a public appeal, please cut down the number of people you have ministering at your events on a single day. You are the main Actor for the day, therefore, you should have at least 30mins-1hr to minister, if that’s enough for you. To be honest , it does not make sense to have 10 Gospel Artists plus you, ministering at an event that should last for 1-2hrs. The average time for a concert is between 90mins to 2hrs, anything above that, you are embarrassing your audience. Secondly to make matters worse, you have all those people ministering ahead of you, and the moment you hit the stage, the program hall gets empty, simply because your audience got tired, and left. Please consider, and respect the time of your audience. If you want to have all your friends, or those you know to minister at your event, than consider having multiple events at different locations, with different faces. Mr. Gongar in his Liberian pigeon says, ”Please we beg your we tired na yea”.

β€œ Mr. Mishael is a lover and supporter of Liberian Gospel music.”

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