Charley De Inspirator - Letter To God

LETTER TO GOD is a testimonial Spoken Word Poem written by Charley De Inspirator to appreciate God for all that he’s done for him and where God took him from. He imagined having an opportunity to address God in a letter but was left in awe of his greatness. The poem was officially premiered on YouTube on February 13, 2023.


If I’m to write a letter to God,
I won’t start with Dear God
So perhaps I would say…. Lion God; lol…
You’ve proven to be the Lion of Judah
So why greet you with such a lazy animal

If I’m to write a letter to God,
I would be endowed in ecstasy as I endeavor to fathom your greatness.
King of kings, Lord or Lords
Am I worthy enough to ink down my thoughts to you?

There aren’t enough adjectives to describe your royalty so how am I supposed do this?
Thy sovereignty, I comprehended not.
Words are deficient to proclaim your efficience,
How can a self-proclaimed Christian cover up this distance with a letter?

Despite my flaws, you’ve showered me with abundant joy,
and In the midst of it all, you’ve kept me standing tall
So, my letter to you would be flooded with thanksgiving and unending praises.

Darkness came upon me like a tsunami
And scorched away my smiles
Pulling me through the shadows of death
Disassembling my tiles

Ignorance was my buddy,
We wined and dined,
And my life that was once shining,
Has not started dimming.

I battled against myself
Cuz I couldn’t flee my fright.
Anger reigned over my voice,
And darkness was my sight.

At some point, I felt the turbulence circulating my veins,
The rage of horror parading my scenes,
I feared my fears and hid my pains,
Pretending freedom but mentally in chains

One day, I felt a man coming my way.
No, not just a man but a God.
A God who holds the world in his hands.
His fragrance overgrown my odor,
His presence made the day
And once again I felt I had a savior

He touched me and give my life a meaning
He broke me and gave me a new beginning
He scorched me so I could bleed away my pains
He baptized me and made me clean again

He gave me a new name and purpose.
He called me his own though he wasn’t supposed.
I knew I wasn’t worthy of him and all his glory, but he called me his son; and to me, eternal life he proposed.

I gladly accepted to be his citizen
Rebored of his love, Justified by his blood,
and Sanctified by his choice.

Because he rectified all my mistakes
Justified me no matter what it takes
Nullify my flaws, amplified my joy
And solidify my hope in him

So this is my Testimony.

Through space and time, you’ve held my ground.

Sometimes, it’s hard to serve you.
The world keeps raining down endless distractions.
The yolk on sin keeps weighing me down till it’s hard to see your merciful hands stretched towards me.

Most times, I sway from your way.
I forget the prize that you paid.
All for my sake, you came down to be slayed.
Mankind was enslaved but you stepped in and made a way.
Thank you for the unending grace you showed me day after day after day.
And a very big THANK YOU is all I have to say.

I remember those nights when I was alone with no hope for a better day.
You stepped in a show and showed me a way.
A way out of my miseries
A way out of unending pain and regrets
A way toward a life of happiness

If I’m to write a letter to you,
I would thank you for the air I breathe.
Thank you for sending your only son to die for a sinful me.

If I am to write a letter to God,
My letter to you will contain only two words,

About Charley De Inspirator – Liberian Spoken Word Poet

Charles G. Kpan, Jr, is a young Liberian Spoken Word Poet, Author and Entrepreneur. He’s poetically known as Charley De Inspirator and termed his writing style as Inspirational Poetry. His work has been featured in Local and International Poetry Magazines including PoetrySoup, We Write Liberia, League of Poets, Eboquils, hellopoetry, All Poetry, SpillWords, Shamsrumi, PoetrySoup, AfroRep, Synchronize Chaos, Poetry Nation, Poemify Publishers, AfroRep, etc.

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