will like to profile one of Liberia’s all times best and veteran acappella gospel singing group. The Christ Ambassadors is an award winning acapella gospel group, that has performed to international audiences since October 5, 1995. She started at the grassroots when four young men, namely; Reuben Henry, Bouleigh Cooper, Byron Clinton, and D. Cheeseman Bryant, age range from 15years to 18years came together to harmonize their voices in singing inspirational gospel songs to the glorification to the Lord. In few years of assistance, five other young men namely; Stanley Solo, James Williams, Ogense Dorbor, Emmanuel G. Taylor, and Nathaniel Hinson, were called to join the group, and her membership grew to nine 9 persons in total.

Christ Ambassadors Acappella Group is a living testament of what a strong faith in God can do to overcome the obstacles of war, poverty, disappointments, and frustration. It was during her foundation years, that she had to bear the heartache, and suffering of Liberia’s 14-years Civil War. There were times, when her members survival was solely depending on her singing/performances with local churches, and schools in Liberia. The group was more focused on how to get through each day, in getting daily meal for her members.
After the war when Liberia began rebuilding, its infrastructure, she set her eyes to the future so as to grow the ministry, by sharing God’s love through spreading the Gospel of Jesus with songs to every race, color, and tribe all over the world. Christ Ambassadors seek to provide comfort, hope, joy and peace that will uplift the spirits of her global brothers and sisters in Christ.

In 2009 Christ Ambassadors released her first and only album titled; “New Birth” that featured hit songs like; Liberia land of Liberty, Good times lovers, Listen to my call, No greater love, Never Lord, and Bombo née zuwo done in the Bassa dialect which means Lord thanks, which was written and arranged by members of the group. The group was well known due to her sense of good harmony and melody and sound.

Christ Ambassadors remain grateful for all the blessings God has bestowed upon her ministry, to survive the war, members of Christ Ambassadors was always prepared to live their passion, and give the music from their hearts. Christ Ambassadors wants to thank everyone who has been there, during different stages of their journey, and they truly appreciate your support! She also give Thanks to God for being their guide, parent, and teacher in times of need.

Right now members of the group are all grown up men, and God has given every member a unique family and opportunities to travel to different countries of the world.
Some members are still into full time music ministry, and mentor to lot of young upcoming musicians.

Christ Ambassador live in Monrovia, Liberia
Christ Ambassadors boys to men
Christ Ambassadors live on stage 2010 July 26, independence in Lofa County.

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