EA Musik Global Revolutionizing Christian Events

If you’re looking for an agency to manage the Sound and Lights for your Christian Event, EA Musik Global is the ultimate choice. This team of exceptionally talented professionals is dedicated to transforming event organizing in Liberia, and they’ve excelled since their inception.

Since the official Launch in August 2022, They have handled a couple of top-notch events including:
– Refresh 1.0 by Life Church
– When We Worship Experience by Min. Charles Sleyon
– Monrovia Community Mass Choir 30th Anniversary
– Bliss Experience with Strong God by Paul K. Harding and Moses Bliss
– Move of the Spirit by Pastor Sarah Gueh
– And many more

The team possesses the capabilities to provide services encompassing Live Music and Video Recording, Stage Lighting, Sound Engineering, and Production. They stand out as one of the select groups delivering high-quality content, and with added equipment, they are poised to create content that rivals that of more developed nations.

What’s remarkable is that EA Musik Global is led and run by young Liberians who still have the time and energy to further their skills. Undoubtedly, in the coming years, EA Musik Global is set to completely transform event organization in Liberia. The Company was founded by the conglomerative efforts of Emmanuel Duodeh Jr. (CEO & Sound Engineer) and Arthur Johnson (COO & Light Engineer).

Their inaugural live test recording took place at CMFI Church in 2021. Later that same year, they successfully executed their first official Live Music Recording at Living Stream Tabernacle, receiving support from Min. Benjamin Gueh and Min. Jesse Pratt.

During an interview with the Chief Operating Officer, Arthur Johnson, he expressed, “Our aspiration is to elevate Gospel Music to new heights and bolster Liberia’s Entertainment Industry.” He highlighted that his interest in learning Stage Lighting stemmed from the inspiration he derived from the 2019 LMA Awards. Johnson further emphasized that their primary challenges currently revolve around procuring improved equipment and effectively conveying the value of their services to event organizers within Liberia’s Music Industry.

Check Out some of the work:
Min Samuelyn Wilson at the Pad for Girls Concert
Leh Me Here with Min. Samuelyn Wilson

EA Muzik Global, an exceptional agency specializing in Sound, Lights, and Event Management for Christian events in Liberia. With a track record of successful top-notch events and a team of talented professionals, they’re poised to revolutionize event organizing with their high-quality services in live music, video recording, stage lighting, and sound engineering. Led by young Liberians driven by a passion for gospel music advancement, witness their journey towards transforming Liberia’s entertainment industry. Contact Information: 0776132493, 0778650215, 0776101375.

By Charles G. Kpan Jr

Charley De Inspirator, formerly Charles G. Kpan Jr. is Spoken Word Poet, Emerging Author, Entrepreneur and Technologist.

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