We are pleased to profile a veteran Gospel Musician Emmanuel Reeves. There is no coincidence in life; therefore we cannot say Emmanuel Reeves became a musician by accident.
But here is how the story started. His sister, wanting to be a pianist, enrolled at the International School of Music, then located in the Tubman High school building. Somewhere along the road she lost interest and went on to medical school, leaving all her books behind. During one of the many seasons of war in Liberia, where no one went to school or work, Emmanuel was exploring the house out of boredom and came across the whole set of music books. He started reading and has never looked back since.
Though to the largest extend, he is a self-taught musician, he wanted to become a music educator as well so he went on to earn a diploma in Music Enrichment at the University of Education, Winneba-Ghana.
Although he loves performing as a concert and solo pianist, his real love is music education. Hence he has taught extensively both in and out of Liberia;
 Applied Piano – Liberia Baptist Theological Seminary School of Church Music
 Piano lessons at the Ghana International School, Accra, where he prepared students for the Associated Board of Royal School of Music (ABRSM) exams.
 Head of Department, Merton International School, Accra, Ghana, just to mention a few.
He has also served as Music Director and Choir Master of several churches in and out of Liberia, his latest being the Director of Worship and Music, Providence Baptist Church, Monrovia.
He currently serves as the Head of the Music Department, Hermann Gmeiner International School, SOS Children’s Villages Liberia.
He has written and composed songs for films and solo performances. The school ode of the Merton International School in Ghana was written and Composed by Emmanuel Reeves. We will keep you updated.

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