LIB Music Awards (GGLA)

is an annual award ceremony established to recognize, promote and honor excellence in Liberia Gospel Music Arena/ Industry.

November 27, 2022

Music Awards


Gospel Guru Liberian Awards (GGLA) is established to honor individuals who have demonstrated excellence in the field of Gospel music and Arts.


Artists who are members of the Liberian Gospel Music Association by ​or have approved GGLA Registered Entities, are entitled to submit entries for consideration for the GGLA ballot.


  • The eligibility period, for all award categories, will be 12 months beginning on the 1st day of September 2021 and ending on the 30th day of September 2022 prior to the presentation of the awards.
  • In all categories, except Artist of the Year, Song of the year, contemporary artist of the year, New artist of the year, Producer of the year, the GGLA must receive each entry from three or more of its Professional Members or its partner to move forward in the submission/balloting process.
  • Eligibility will be verified with collateral records and GGLA professional staff. The artists must fall within the eligibility period, regardless of the release date.
  • Content must be appropriate for GGLA to assist the judges in their determination. The GGLA Board and partner have authorized the following content criteria for use in these instances: “For purposes of GGLA eligibility, the content of all entries will be based upon Christian faith contained in or derived from the Holy Bible or by Christian world-view.

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