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In a joyous celebration of love and devotion, Bernice Blackie Buck, a prominent figure in the Liberian Gospel music scene, recently entered a sacred union with Jonathan Buck, affectionately known as Bishop Jay. The news of their marriage has not only resonated within the faith community but has also sparked curiosity as Blackie concurrently works on a new song titled ‘Holy Ghost Fire’ set to be released before her return to the USA.

Mrs Buck, recognized for her uplifting and spiritually resonant compositions, has long been admired for her dedication to spreading the message of hope through her music. Now, as she embarks on this new chapter of her life, supporters see the union as an embodiment of the faith and values she has espoused in her songs.

Bernice stands out as one of Liberia’s most talented gospel artists, a fact clearly reflected in the success of her songs throughout the years. She first gained prominence in 2013 with the release of the hip-hop track “Crucifixion“. The following year, in 2014, she collaborated with Liberia’s Legendary Rapper SOOLISH & TRUEMAN on the emotionally resonant “I FEEL YOUR PAIN“.
Continuing her musical journey, Bernice made a significant impact later that year with the launch of two pivotal songs that significantly propelled her career. These transformative tracks include “Father’s Love” and “U Na Do It again“.

After a hiatus in her music career due to migration to the USA, Bernice made a triumphant return to the spotlight. Collaborating with her longtime producer, Infectious Michael, she released the impactful singles “You Changed My Story” and “Level to Level” a few years later. In 2019, she achieved considerable success with the release of “What Kind Of God You Are“, amassing over 40k YouTube streams.

Taking a bold step in 2023, Bernice initiated a mission to unite Liberian Gospel Music with the release of “WE SERVE A GOD.” This collaborative effort featured the talents of Samuelyn Wilson, Jesse Pratt, Israel Zayzay, and Joseph Nimely, showcasing her commitment to fostering unity within the Liberian Gospel Music community.

Since age 8, Bernice has been singing her heart out and we are amazed and zealously awaiting her new song, Holy Ghost Fire. As the release date approaches, there is a palpable excitement within the Liberian Gospel music community. Bernice Blackie’s journey, now intertwined with the melodies of matrimony, promises a harmonious blend of faith, love, and music that resonates with the hearts of her devoted followers.

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By Charles G. Kpan Jr

Charley De Inspirator, formerly Charles G. Kpan Jr. is Spoken Word Poet, Emerging Author, Entrepreneur and Technologist.

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