Josh Flo and the Extravagant Worshippers

Josh Flo and the Extravagant Worshippers – A new surge of youthful artists and music ministries is sweeping across the nation, with Josh Flo standing as one of the talented and ambitious figures spearheading this movement through his collective, the Extravagant Worshipers Music Ministry.

The grand reveal of his music ministry, The Extravagant Worships Music Ministry, and the debut of their album ‘Calling Over Feelings’ took place on September 10, 2023. This remarkable event unfolded at the Paynesville City Hall, showcasing impactful performances by revered ministries such as the IMAIL Concert Choir and Life Sound. Among the featured artists were Pst. Sarah Gueh, Min. Jesse Pratt, Samuelyn Wilson, and many others.

Since their inception in September 2020, they’ve curated a sequence of influential events, some of which include:

  • THE SHIFT EXPERIENCE: An exclusive worship evening held on the final Sunday of each month.
  • WORSHIPPERS DIET: A learning and training session tailored for passionate young individuals dedicated to worship, among other engaging events.

Josh Flo and the Extravagant Worshippers are gearing up for the release of their first album, ‘CALLING OVER FEELINGS’, slated for early next year. This album of 8 songs featuring renowned Gospel Artists in the country might just be the source of blissful, soul-lifting songs that accompany us throughout the year. All the songs were written and recorded by their CEO Josh Flo.

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Author: Charles G. Kpan Jr. (Charley De inspirator)

By Charles G. Kpan Jr

Charley De Inspirator, formerly Charles G. Kpan Jr. is Spoken Word Poet, Emerging Author, Entrepreneur and Technologist.

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