We will like to profile one of Liberia’s anointed worshipper, she’s well known for her strong vocal power.
Lady Princess Osborn is a contemporary Liberian gospel music minister , a worshipper , a Pastor and a song writer.

She started her music ministry professionally in 2006 . She launched her first album titled the passion in 2008, and that album was produced by Mr. Tom Holder in 2006. She was nominated as the best female vocalist of the Year in 2008 by the Liberia Music Awards.

She later moved to Ghana in 2009 and got married in 2010. Since her relocation to Ghana she have done serveal singles like, Above all , Kingdom money , brand-new man .
Her passion is to spread the Gospel, the good news of Christ through songs that are inspired by thee Holy Spirit. It’s more than singing for her, it’s a ministry.
Lady Princess Osborn believe God has trust her with a ministry, and She’s honored to be among the many He has decided to use. In these last days the vision of every true worshippers is to bring the sons and daughters heart back to the Father . She has been blessed with opportunities to share the word of God in foreign nations and believe that God is up to something bigger.
She is always grateful that she was chosen to shine the light of Jesus through gospel music….

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