We will like to profile of Liberia’s popular gospel singer. Minister Aaron Success Kawreh known as Successful1 is a Liberian Gospel International Artist based in the United States of America. He is the founder and CEO of the Successful Praise Music Ministry Int that’s making waves in America, and impact in Liberia with humanitarian activities to orphanages in Africa. Successful 1 released two awards winning albums with most recent project done in August of last year 2021, titled Redemption. Min Aaron Success Kawreh was once the President of the Liberian Charismatic Mass Choir based in Liberia, and the National Director of the Glory Night Mass choir also based in Liberia. He has impacted many trending Liberian Gospel Artists in Liberia where, he made a name for himself. Min Aaron S Kawreh the Successful1 is one of the few International Artists who’s music is play, and deal on the lips of Liberian around the world, with his famous song back to the sender of which, many referred to him as the back to the sender man.

Min. Kawreh released his First Album titled Sufficient Grace in 2016 in the United States of America, and his second album was released in August 2021, titled Redemption. He Join his Church choir at age 11, and starting teaching church choir at age 14. He Currently worship with Champion Temple International in Fargo North Dakota, USA, and serves as a Music Minister, and current Youth Minister . Minister Kawreh teaches both music and the word of God. Min Aaron Success Kawreh( Successful 1) host a annual year end event since 2015 in Fargo North Dakota titled Giving Back The Praise which happens to be one of the biggest Christian gathering every year since it’s launched.

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