We will like to profile one of Liberia’s famous Gospel Rapper Miatta Love Kamara. CKA Lady Love. She is a junior student of AME University, and a trained Phyco social counselor, and educator. She is a mother of three children. She started singing at the tender age of 8 years imitating princess Fatu Gayflor, one of the great singers in 1984, it was the her oldest sister Mrs Kula She, used to take her around in different communities with a cassette player, people will gather to watch her perform, and throwing money at her. Her first biggest to platform, was at EJ Roye building in 1984, on her school talent show. In 1986, She appeared on LBS television platform called Talent find, a singing competition, where She came tie with the late Beatrice Browne. In 2005 She won the best secular artist in an opinion poll. She later gave her life to Christ and got converted from a Muslim to Christian. She was spotted by Amb Weah at the ATS , when her former boss Amb. Juli Endee was leading the culture n Musical aspect. She became his personal musician up to 2014, She did one of the most popular songs title, CDC morale. In 2019, She got arrested by the holy spirit, while passing by a crusade ground, She got inspired by the sound, and went to the organizers, to inform them that she was led to sing, immediately She was given the opportunity. And did a free style, and the spirit of God moved massively. She recorded her first gospel song called Grateful in 2021. And got connected to Bexter Richardson, an American based artist and producer, that wanted to feature a disadvantaged youth from the ghetto on his song, being a person that was always working with the disadvantaged youths in the ghetto, she organized a ghetto free style audition, it was a Huge success, when the famous ghetto freestyler, Lady Piso came out of that process. She merge her Miatta Kamara music foundation with his Libx records, to form Libx records foundation, in 2020, where She is the current CEO. Working with talented disadvantaged youths from the ghetto. She’s about new single, 2022, titled Blessing burst the door.

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