We will like to profile of Liberia youngest and inspirational worshipper who’s ministry has transform lives…Min. Naomi Pleasant Gbellai AKA( VOC) Vessel of Christ is a Worshiper and Song writer Who started singing at age 7, and Was a lead vocalist at Bethel Petit Simbaya children’s choir in Guinea Conakry.
She actually grownup with a strong desire for gospel music. She is a Liberian

Early 2012 Naomi got ill to the Point Of Death, Where she almost lost her life, due to Kidney Injury. It was this time she encounter Jesus Manifest Power pouring upon her and She made A Vow To Use her singing Gift To the Glory of God.

In 2015 she joined the BCHO Liberia Choir, where she was able to expand her music career.

In 2017 when she Joined The Agape Musical, it was that time she became relevant and had the opportunity of Recording first song titled : God

She also serve in several groups like, Wonderful Gospel music Ministers, Danta inspiration ,Min Princess snow Yancy Ministry, The Jesus Psalmist and Drumberia .

She uses service as a key to spiritual growth.

2020 she recorded her first cover By: Min Danta Gondea titled Joso.

Jan,16,2022 She released her First Single titled: No one like You

Her Passion is to serve Jesus Christ and share love to Humanity.

remember Jesus is love

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