NOSKCAJ - Captain of Liberian Afro Gospel Music

Noskcaj, the Captain of Liberian Afro-Gospel Music

As Liberian Gospel Music has been on the rise, this young Afro-Gospel Artist is gradually earning his spot as the Captain of Liberian Afro-Gospel Music and it’s no other but NOSCAJ. Over the last few years, he has led this genre with back-to-back hits with his 2021 Godly Vibes EP including amazing tracks like Energy (feat. CharleyBoi), Majesty, Standing Strong, Living God, Blessing, and Heavenly Language, etc. Noskcaj didn’t disappoint in 2022 with his Amapiano hit single LIVING GOD which further solidified his position in the Industry and placed in on the path of leading the Afro-Gospel genre in Liberia.

Noskcaj, formerly Samuel Jackson, is on a mission to reach out to his generation and spread the goodness of God through good Afro Music. The Life Sounder is also an amazing performer and has been blazing stages, blessing hearts and waving the flag of Liberian Afro-Gospel Music.

Noskcaj has been teasing his followers with his upcoming Amapiano project titled, NEVER FALL, which may just hand him the Afro-Gospel crown. With hard work and dedication, he may join artists like God’s Favorite Baby, Limoblaze of Nigeria and other Afro-Gospel Artist to spread the Gospel through Afrobeat Music.

Noskcaj, the Captain of Liberian Afro-Gospel Music is ready to jam our speakers so stay tuned for release date.

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By Charles G. Kpan Jr

Charley De Inspirator, formerly Charles G. Kpan Jr. is Spoken Word Poet, Emerging Author, Entrepreneur and Technologist.

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