We are glad to profile Princess Martha Glay basing Perth, Australia
Princess been singing since the age of 6 in her local church. In 2015 She recorded her first album but didn’t release it, because she felt empty inside, and needed refilling of the Holy Spirit at the time to begin her music career. She also felt like She needed certain physical supports in order to start, like backup singers, financial support and even people to give her some encouragement.

What was missing in her life at that time was the fear of God. So She forgot about singing and starting chasing earthly things like working more hours to get more money. One day in 2021 at work, a scripture was revealed to her, Psalm 24:1 ‘The earth is of the Lord’s and the fullness thereof’, that scripture ministered to her so much, so she took time off work to seek the Lord, and prayed that His will be done in her life.

During her time of confusion, the Spirit of God minister to her through dreams, and she was inspired to work for the Lord in moving her ministry forward in the fear of God.

Her mission here on earth is to worship God, the maker of all things. And pray her music brings transformation and leads people to the kingdom of God. She also want the Lord, Jesus Christ to be glorified and revealed to people through worship.

Between 2021 & 2022 she released 4 singles, title: Grace, Lamp, Jesus my President, Highly exalted.

She is set to release her latest single title: Letter to my children
You can follow her on social media.
FB. Seasons of worship
IG: @marthaglay12

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