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In Liberia, an extraordinary manifestation of God’s power has occurred, particularly impacting the lives of numerous young individuals. Through the humble ministry of Pst. Sarah Jallah Gueh from the Rivers of Life Church, God has been actively touching the hearts of His people. As the wife of the renowned music pastor Solomon W. Gueh, she shines brightly as a guiding light, mentoring a vast number of young women.

Prosperous Bendu Jallah, one of her many mentees and spiritual daughters stated “She has inspired me a lot, seeing me my life today as a good Christian woman and living in alignment with God’s word I got inspired by her ministry. She has impacted my prayer life and made me to know the Holy Spirit”.

Move of the Spirit

In 2019, Pastor Gueh initiated MOVE OF THE SPIRIT(MOTS), now the largest assembly of Christians throughout Liberia. This spirit-filled worship experience has been noted for its impactful nature, generating numerous testimonies, which I believe served as a motivating factor for Pastor Gueh and her team.

The recent MOTS edition, themed ‘The Glory Has Returned (Ichabod Season is Over)’, showcased sheer excellence and perfection. The event was flawlessly executed in every aspect, including music, lighting, coordination, ministration, attendance, and more. Over 1,000 individuals gathered at the Monrovia Christian Fellowship on November 5, 2023, seeking an encounter with Jesus and departing with their own testimonies. The stage was blessed by powerful ministers including: Pst. Titus Kollie, Pst. Joseph Nimely, Min Rebecca Walker, Min. Titus Samukai, Min Benjamin Gueh, Min. Andrea Wallace, and Min. Aaron Rogers. The live music production was covered by EA Music Global, and Live Streaming by Stream Duck.

She had hosted a couple to powerful and engaging events including:
– National Prayer Summit
– National Youth Conference (King of Priests)
– and many more
Pst. Gueh is known for her famous song ‘Show Up Now‘ and her new song, ‘The Glory has Returned‘.

Who is Pst. Sarah Jallah Gueh?

Pastor Gueh embodies more than just a pastoral role; she is a versatile individual—a singer, actress, church leader, and an inspirational figure. Graduating in Theology from Vision International Bible College, she pursued further studies in Christian Drama at the Mount Zion Institute of Christian Drama in 2014.
Commencing her Christian leadership journey at a young age, she has impacted lives significantly through her organization, Lady of God Ministries (LOGM). In 2016, she ventured into film production, creating the Christian movie ‘What is Wrong with God?’ featuring Pastor Solomon Gueh, Pastor Klah Doteh, Barney Qualah, and several other prominent Christian figures.

Pst. Sarah Jallah Gueh is on a mission to proclaim Jesus and make his presence be felt in every corner of the Liberian society and world at large.

By Charles G. Kpan Jr

Charley De Inspirator, formerly Charles G. Kpan Jr. is Spoken Word Poet, Emerging Author, Entrepreneur and Technologist.

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