Total votes accumulated from just ended Lutheran Bishop Election.
Rev. G.Victor Padmore 234 votes
Rev. Mulbah F. Zayzay 172 votes
Rev. Moses B. Gobah 89 votes
Rev. Janice F. Gono 34 votes,
According to the New Lutheran Church in Liberia Constitution, no one was able to reach 50% plus 1.
Therefore, Rev. Padmore & Rev. Zayzay should have gone for a Runner.

After few hours, Rev. Mulbah F. Zayzay make a history which almost the entire congregation refer to him as “THE ICON OF UNITY” explain that, we are one Church therefore looking at the results in the first round, though no one reach 50% plus 1,
I believe the church have spoken.
Therefore, I hereby concedes the defeated, I don’t want to go for 2nd round, I now consider Rev. Padmore as Bishop of the Lutheran Church in Liberia. After his statement Rev. Padmore was immediately announced as the winner.

Rev. Padmore had previously lost the election 3 times in a row, but continue persist.
After he lost the election for the 3rd time, he move to Suakoko (Bethany Lutheran Church)
one of the Preaching point that is under St. Lutheran Parish in phebe, Bong County, Liberia until his victory.

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