We are pleased to Profile one of the most important personality in the Liberian Gospel Music industry & our dynamic CEO Minister Ogense Dorbor who prefer to be called Minister Ogense.

He is a Liberian gospel musician who ventured into music as far back 1998, and since then he has explored in the field in all angles. Minister Ogense has featured in many songs including the Christ Ambassadors Rebirth Album in 2009. His personal album include Thank You Yahweh, in which powerful, Inspirational and spirit filled songs like, Thank You Yahweh, Thank You for loving me, we give you glory, Holy Spirit Rain down, I’m moving forward, and kou al pou yonni done in the krahn dialect which means the devil is a liar where all produced by Reality Record in Liberia.

Minister Ogense launched his newest album Title: I’m grateful. Featuring five Anointed and powerful music ministers,
Ps. Klah Doteh
Ps. Rafeal Paye
Min. Simeon Davis
Min. Francis Nuefville
Min. Nathaniel Hinson,
on April 11, 2021
Minister Ogense is also running a free international vocal training online name; Joy of Worship Online Voice training, which comprises of over 250 students from different parts of the world, and the current CEO for the most talk about GospelGuru Lib, an international Liberian Gospel music Promotional organization.
He is also the CEO for the Liberia Gospel Music Ministers organization, which was established on October 2, 2022 to help unite Liberian Gospel musicians.
He is an international gospel recording artist and a full time music minister. By the special grace of God, Minister Ogense had the opportunity to travel to 5 west African countries.
Minister Ogense is an inspiration to many young aspiring music ministers and worshipers both in and out of Liberia.
He has attracted many followers due to his tireless efforts in uniting Liberian Gospel Musicians in and out of Liberia.

Minister Ogense is married, with two boys, born again and a devoted Christian.
He is the current musical Trainer and full member of the Remedy Movement International in Liberia, west Africa.

For more information on his ministrations and pictorial view you can follow minister Ogense Dorbor on social media.

Facebook: Ogense Dorbor,
Minister Ogense Dorbor page
Minister Ogense Music
Joy of Worship Music Ministry International

Gospel Guru Show W/Min. Ogense
Instagram: ogense.official
YouTube: Ogense TV
Twitter: @ogense

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