Ambassador Marron Cassell came from a humble background and God choose to honor her due to her humanity. She earn a bachelors degree in religious education at the Liberia Baptist theological seminary in Liberia.
She accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord savior back in 1987 and begin a full member of the Sinkor Assembly of God church in Liberia. In 1988 she faithfully serve in her music department and later recorded her debut album back in the year 1999, it was the birth of the famous “Liberia sweet land of liberty” song that took the nation by storm. For this, she was officially crown the First Liberian Gospel Music Ambassador by the government of Liberia in the same year her debut album was released. Ambassador Marron Cassell is a writer, a composer, and an anointed Music Minister. By the special grace of God, she is a mentor, a producer and a true example and role model to many upcoming artists and music ministers. She is a blessing to many, through her sponsorship program for upcoming artists.

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