WWGMA Vision: By Apst. Dr Precious Toe
Moto: Empower on Woman, Empower all..

The Women Worship Gospel Music Awards (WWGMA) was founded by Apst. Dr Precious Toe and is more than an awards show. It is a message. It is an empowerment movement. WWGMA looks beyond the popular voices, popular branding, popular artists and picks out the ones who have been hidden, ignored, segregated, unpopular, and always in the background! We pick women out from the back and bring them to the forefront.

Think about a relay race, the most crucial part of the race is what happens in the exchange zone. It doesn’t matter how fast you run, if the baton is dropped during the race, then nothing else matters. It is game over. But when the runner crosses the line, it isn’t based on one person but depends on those who have run before. Our motto is: empower one woman, empower all women. By honouring one woman, another woman is empowered.
A woman who is still standing somewhere overlooked, will push even more. It gives another woman hope and the motivation to answer the call over their life that they’ve probably been resisting for so long. For another woman, it’s an emphasis, that even when nobody celebrates People of Faith Raising Above COVID-19
them, heaven always is. So going back to the relay race illustration, as the trophy is being passed to one woman, it is a reminder that united as one, we can run together and make a bigger impact. It is not for us alone, but to pass on the wisdom, gifts, knowledge, experiences, to our generation and the generation coming after us and any other person who is awaiting that baton so they can run their own race.

The baton is a reminder of God’s faithfulness and that we are not here for self. As worshippers, as we live a lifestyle of worship, we are here to sow the seed of true and proper worship to those after us: blessed to be a blessing. We are all many functions in one body.

To you who are reading this, never feel you are unseen and not enough. You are enough. Don’t be weary in doing good, for in due season you will reap a great harvest. Start running your race, take your baton, and run. You matter. Your gifts matter. You’re a winner.

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